CES 2013: Liquipel’s Waterproofing Technology Catching On Slowly

Liquipel’s invisible coating, introduced last year, now covers tens of thousands of mobile devices

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CES 2013: Liquipel’s Waterproofing Technology Catching On Slowly

Last year at CES, I was wow'd by a coating technology, offered by several companies, that invisibly waterproofs electronics.

Yesterday, I caught up with Liquipel’s Alex Hill to see how the technology was doing in the market, and whether or not Liquipel had sorted out possible warranty issues. (That is, would coating devices void their warranties?) Hill reported that Liquipel has completely reformulated its technology since last year, and said that the company hasn’t had any warranty issues, but is just happening to offer its own device warranties as part of its service. The company has yet to announce any deals with major manufacturers, but reports that it has waterproofed tens of thousands devices and is coating “several hundred” more daily in its Santa Ana, Calif., facility, and has licensed the technology to companies in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

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