CES 2012: Playing Asteroids With Just My Eyes

I checked out Tobii’s interactive gaze technology at the Consumer Electronics Show

1 min read

A number of companies at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated alternatives to traditional computer and television controls, replacing the mouse or remote with voice, hand, or, in the case of Tobii Technology, eye. Tobii’s gaze tracking technology was surprisingly responsive—I lost this game of asteroids quickly not because the eye tracking software slipped up, but because I simply got overwhelmed by the number of targets coming at me. Guess I need a little more practice.

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How Nanotech Can Foil Counterfeiters

These tiny mechanical ID tags are unclonable, cheap, and invisible

10 min read
University of Florida

What's the largest criminal enterprise in the world? Narcotics? Gambling? Human trafficking?

Nope. The biggest racket is the production and trade of counterfeit goods, which is expected to exceed US $1 trillion next year. You've probably suffered from it more than once yourself, purchasing on Amazon or eBay what you thought was a brand-name item only to discover that it was an inferior-quality counterfeit.

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