Bowled Over by Toilet Technology

Super smart seats and community-conscious commodes aimed at huddled masses yearning to breathe free

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Bowled Over by Toilet Technology
Photo-Illustration: Eawag/EOOS

Photo: Kohler
Kohler’s Numi toilet puts the “funk” into multifunctional. The commode doubles as a loudspeaker, playing music streamed from a Bluetooth gadget, loaded onto an SD card, jacked in via an auxiliary cable, or tuned in using a built-in FM radio. The toilet has sensors that tell it to open or close the cover; they also raise or lower the seat depending on the position of your feet, ending the anger and recriminations over someone splashing down into the water in the middle of the night. The Numi toilet has a self-cleaning bidet wand, a heated seat, and vents that blow soothing warm air on your feet.

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