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Black Tech Professionals Face Ongoing Salary Gap

Hispanic tech workers also find salaries lag behind white and Asian colleagues, though that gap narrows

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Two black software programmers look at a screen together.
Illustration: iStockphoto

The gap between the average salary offered to black tech professionals and that offered to white tech professionals is closing at a snail’s pace. According to a recent analysis by job search firm Hired, in 2019 black tech professionals were offered an average of US $10,000 a year less than white tech workers. That’s slightly better than the 2018 gap of $11,000, but not much.

Meanwhile, Hispanic tech professionals lag $3000 behind their white counterparts, down from $7000 in 2018. Asians, having pulled ahead in recent years, continue to command a slight edge in average salaries over their white colleagues.

These numbers came from Hired’s analysis of 425,000 interview requests and job offers made to tech professionals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom during 2019, published as part of Hired’s 2020 State of Salaries report.

Within each racial group, tech professionals who identified themselves as female received lower average salary offers than their male counterparts, according to Hired’s 2020 State of Wage Inequality in the Workplace report, released in March.

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Michelle Christmas
Michelle Christmas11 May, 2023

is it possible to provide the actual study or analysis, on how this was determine?