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Bits of History

Artifacts from the first 2000 years of computing at the Computer History Museum

9 min read
Photo: Mark Richards
Photo: Mark Richards

In some ways, collecting old computers isn’t much different from collecting anything old: You have to take care of the stuff. “Is it decaying?” asks Dag Spicer, senior curator at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, Calif. He describes the remains of sound-dampening foam that once hushed the whir of cooling fans in 1960s and ’70s mainframes. “It turns into a tarry mess—really gross, black sludge,” he says. That’s relatively easy to clean out, but some troubles require more technical expertise. Reading the information on a 1950s disk stack might be hard, says Spicer, a circuit designer turned historian, but harder still is making sense of it. “Do you recognize what these bits are?” he asks, explaining the need for both obsolete hardware and outdated operating systems.

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The Day Business Suits Became In-App Purchases

Meta selling digital “fashion” isn’t a surprise, but the details come apart at the seams

4 min read
Meta Avatars wearing fashion from the Avatars Store.

Meta's Avatars Store will sell virtual fashion from major labels.


Odds are you’ve added a piece to your wardrobe for a job interview or an important meeting. But what if that meeting happened in the metaverse? Would you spend money to upgrade your avatar?

Meta is hoping you’ll answer “yes.” CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s new Avatars Store, slated to go live within weeks, in an “avatar fashion show” with Instagram’s Eva Chen.

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Vanadium Anodes for Faster-charging, Longer-lived Batteries

Startup TyFast aims for 3-minute charging, 20,000-cycle life

3 min read
A foil rectangle labelled Tyfast, with two silver squares coming out of the top.

Startup Tyfast is making batteries based on a new anode material that allow it to charge in minutes and last for several thousands of charge cycles


To fulfill the vision of EVs that travel a thousand miles or phones that run for days on a single charge, most battery developers are racing to make batteries that can pack twice the energy in the same weight.

Not startup Tyfast, which is “approaching next-generation battery development in a counter-current direction,” says GJ la O’, CEO and cofounder of the 2021 spinoff from the University of California, San Diego.

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