Behind the Scenes at Zink: Where Color Magic Happens

The research floor of Zink Imaging, in Bedford, Mass., has the traditional trappings of a chemistry laboratory mixed with art and electronics

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Photo: Joshua Dalsimer
THE COLORMAKERS: Brian Busch, Stephen Herchen, and J.C. Van Dijk [from left] and dozens of other engineers and scientists took ink-free color technology under development at Polaroid Corp. and made it a reality at Zink Imaging.
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How Nanotech Can Foil Counterfeiters

These tiny mechanical ID tags are unclonable, cheap, and invisible

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University of Florida

What's the largest criminal enterprise in the world? Narcotics? Gambling? Human trafficking?

Nope. The biggest racket is the production and trade of counterfeit goods, which is expected to exceed US $1 trillion next year. You've probably suffered from it more than once yourself, purchasing on Amazon or eBay what you thought was a brand-name item only to discover that it was an inferior-quality counterfeit.

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