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Become an IEEE Leader and Make an Impact

Nominations are now open for high-level positions

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IEEE is governed by volunteer members and depends on them for many things, including editing its publications, organizing conferences, coordinating regional and local activities, writing standards, leading educational activities, and identifying individuals for IEEE recognitions and awards. See below for the complete list.

The Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is responsible for developing recommendations to the Board of Directors and the IEEE Assembly on staffing many volunteer positions, including candidates for president-elect and corporate officers. Its recommendations are sent to the Board of Directors and the IEEE Assembly. Accordingly, the N&A committee is seeking nominees for the following positions:

2025 IEEE President-Elect (who will serve as President in 2026)

2024 IEEE Corporate Officers

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President, Educational Activities
  • Vice President, Publication Services and Products

2024 IEEE Committees Chairs and Members

  • Audit
  • Awards Board
  • Conduct Review
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Election Oversight
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation
  • Ethics and Member Conduct
  • European Public Policy
  • Fellow
  • Global Public Policy
  • Governance
  • History
  • Humanitarian Technologies Board
  • Industry Engagement
  • New Initiatives
  • Nominations and Appointments
  • Public Visibility
  • Strategy and Alignment
  • Tellers

Deadlines for nominations

15 March

  • Vice President, Educational Activities
  • Vice President, Publication Services and Products
  • Committee Chairs

15 June

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Members

Deadlines for self nominations and biography submissions

30 March

  • Vice President, Educational Activities
  • Vice President, Publication Services and Products
  • Committee Chairs

30 June

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Members

Who can nominate

Anyone may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged. Nominators do not need to be IEEE members, but nominees must meet certain qualifications. An IEEE organizational unit may submit recommendations endorsed by its governing body or the body’s designee.

A person may be nominated for more than one position. Nominators need not contact their nominees before submitting the form. The IEEE N&A committee will contact all eligible nominees for their interest and willingness to be considered for the position.

How to nominate

For more details about the positions, including qualifications and estimates of the time required by each position during the term of office, check the Guidelines for Nominating Candidates . To nominate a person for a position, complete this form .

Nominating tips

Make sure to check eligibility requirements on the N&A committee website before submitting a nomination to avoid nominating candidates that, for one reason or another, may be ineligible for a particular position.

The positions for which the N&A committee makes recommendations represent IEEE’s uppermost governance levels. Volunteers with relevant prior experience in lower-level IEEE committees and units are recommended by the committee more often than volunteers without such experience. For example, candidates for the Awards Board have a greater likelihood of being recommended if they have already served on an awards committee of a society, section, or region or on another IEEE board.

Individuals recommended for president-elect and corporate officer positions are more likely to be recommended if they possess a strong track record of leadership and relevant accomplishments within and outside IEEE. Recommended candidates often have significant prior experience as members of IEEE boards and standing committees.

More information about the duties associated with the different positions, qualifications, and eligibility requisites (such as prior service in certain positions or IEEE grade) can be found in the Guidelines for Nominating Candidates .
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