Shopping for a personal submarine?

Truly a James Bondian contraption. The C-Quester 1 is a personal submersible. And like in a real sub, you don't need a diving suit to ride it. You stay dry and pilot the thing from inside an acrylic dome.


The sub's three electric motors can propel it to 2.5 to 3 nautical miles per hour, and you can descend as far as 50 meters. It has a computer that monitors carbon dioxide concentration, air pressure, and temperature. It's got air conditioner, too.


The C-Quester 1, made by U-Boat Worx of Breda, Netherlands, was part of Spectrum's annual roundup of gadgets and gizmos for the holidays.


OK, not a robot but pretty cool, uh? Not so cool is the price tag. The C-Quester 1 costs about US $130 000, plus taxes, import duties, and registration fees.



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