Video Friday: Fixbots, Barefoot Professors, and Keanu Reeves

Robots! Videos! Friday! This week's video theme is "a week without a video theme." Trust me, don't try to overthink it and just go watch a bunch of robot vids, guaranteed to be 95% theme-free.

First off, how about some robot news updates? From MARS!

[ Curiosity ]



Russ Tedrake runs barefoot through the streets of Boston. And, he builds robots. Which thing is more awesome? You decide:




Yes, the PhantomX hexapod costs $2,000. But it's creepily fast and agile, so that automatically makes it worthwhile.

Via [ Robots-Dreams ]



With the power of a generous helping of Sugru, this robot can fix anything:

Via [ Trossen ]



Bot & Dolly released this short promo showing one of their camera robots flexing its motors with what looks like a Red Epic camera:

Who uses this sort of thing? Why, Keanu Reeves, of course:

[ Bot & Dolly ]



Moving lots of solar panels around by hand to track the sun is a boring job. Setting all of those solar panels up with motors instead is expensive. A cute little robot running on a track can solve both of these problems, plus a lot more that you surely never knew you had. You know, problems like a lack of cute little robots running on tracks in your life.

Faster, better, cheaper. It's what robots are all about. And they should all come with little houses, too.

[ QBotix ] via [ Robot Living ]



Lastly today, Northrop Grumman has posted one or two or like thirty new videos on their YouTube channel, and here are a bunch of robot ones, featuring appearances from the X-47B, the LEMV, and the Euro Hawk. Nothing new, really, but I still get a kick from watching these things fly around all by themselves.


The LEMV was piloted for this test flight, but it's optionally-manned.


[ Northrop Grumman ]



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