Season's greetings from robots

Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Automaton crew -- we hope you had a great holiday!

Thinking of holidays, I'm commissioning an artistically-inclined friend of mine to make me custom Christmas cards this year, and between the two of us we've been investigating ways to incorporate robots. There's a surprising lack of robot cards out there, so it's becoming a DIY venture. For the arts and crafts types among you -- or those hoping to indoctrinate your children with the awesomeness of robots -- you may be interested in these rubber stamps we found:

hellobotstamp.jpg A company named "Bam Pop!" makes a number of what I can only describe as "cutesy" rubber stamps and other crafty paraphernalia, and they have a few robots on this page. In particular I thought that the "hellobot", shown to the left, could be very versatile for greeting cards.

(Image from


Slightly less cutesy, but still very friendly, is this one from Etsy. I think it wants a hug. I also think the technical considerations of it balancing on a single wheel warrant a discussion.

(Image from

robotkidstamp.jpg And finally, the Robot Kid from A Muse could not only make a nice greeting card, it could also inspire your child's next Halloween costume.

(Image from

Why do they all have square heads? I can't think of any robot we've looked at on this blog to date that has a square head.

Anyway! Found any other good stuff for robot arts and crafts? Let us know!



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