Robot Tutorial Contest Winners

There were many robot contests this past summer, both head-to-head and web-based. Yet although the competitors learn many robot-building skills, these skills do not transfer well to others. Competitors often keep what they learned secret to improve their chances, and rarely is anything documented or shared.

So back in the summer of 2007 I created what I believe was the first ever web-based robot contest. But unlike the web-based contests that followed, it wasn't a 'coolest robot wins' type contest. Instead, this bi-annual contest was judged for the 'most useful robot tutorial'. The idea was that non-competitors could also learn from the experience, and in the long term create a robot tutorial database. In return, I offered winners a choice between a $100 check or one of my Axon microcontrollers. The next contest is planned to be judged early February 2009.

August 2008 Winners:

sor_butler.jpg Butler Robot

tutorial and video

sor_balance.jpg Balancing Bot

tutorial and video

sor_krabos.jpg Krabos

tutorial and video



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