Robot Builder Profile: Aiko

The Humanoid

Le Trung has been working on his impressive homemade humanoid for several years now, called Aiko, breaking his bank account to follow his dream. Check out his video for a demonstration and his blog post on the early work of his project for more info/videos.

What makes his project especially amazing is that his work is on level with both corporations and universities working towards the same goal, yet he does this on his own.

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The Brains

More recently he has been working on Aiko's software, which sports object recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, as well as many other features.



The Muscle Controlled Robot Hand

His robot hand creation is the latest of his work. Sensors attached to his arm measure muscle activity to control the servo actuated robot hand. For a homemade project, this hand has impressive precision control. More info and pics of his robot hand.






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