Robot Takes Place of Human Driver In Vehicle Misuse Test

flossie castrol robot motorcycleFlossie, the motorcycle robo-rider developed by lubricant maker Castrol, has been the subject of much blogosphere buzz -- and way too many Terminator jokes.

Now, Flossie, meet your car counterpart, Tony.

Well, Tony is not its actual name. The robot, by Anthony Best Dynamics in Wiltshire, England, is an in-vehicle system that can steer, accelerate, brake, and change gears. I think they call it SR30. I like Tony more.

anthony best dynamics abd steering control robotThe robot driver can automatically follow a GPS-defined route stored in its memory (try that humans) or be remote controlled by operators, a feature that should be helpful during the "vehicle misuse testing." 


Check out the videos below.

And if you haven't seen Flossie in action, the video is here.

Photos: Castrol (Flossie); Anthony Best Dynamics (SR30).



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