IEEE TePRA 2009 calls for papers on robotics

tepra_logo.jpg Last year I attended the first annual IEEE Technologies for Practical Robotic Applications conference in Massachusetts. The papers and presentations ran the gamut from robotic musical installations to an overview of the startup process from a robotics company founder. The call for papers for the 2009 conference is now out.

TePRA is aimed at catalyzing the development of enabling technologies and encouraging their adoption by robot designers. With an emphasis on practical applications and industrial participation, TePRA provides researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and robotics professionals a well-balanced platform between an academic conference and an exhibition while maintaining a serious review process.

The conference theme this year will be the new technologies in robotics and automation and their practical applications.

This is one of the more interesting robotics conferences I've ever been to. With the breadth of specialties in the robotics industry -- medical, consumer, military, and so on -- it's hard to cover all of them in just two short days, but TePRA made a solid go at it last year. This is a great small, intimate conference with some stellar speakers from industry.

Thanks, Taskin!



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