Highlights of the 2007 International Conference on Advanced Robotics


The 13th International Conference on Advanced Robotics took place in South Korea last month. Above, clockwise from top left: opening talk by conference chair Prof. Sukhan Lee; best paper award winners; reception (engineers also need to eat); the Robotis booth and its new URIA humanoid. Below, a short report from Hiyan Min Kim, ICAR 2007 secretariat, and Hadi Moradi, ICAR 2007 publicity chair:

ICAR 2007 took place in Jeju island, South Korea from 21st to the 24th of August, chaired by Prof. Sukhan Lee. The conference theme was â''Viable Robotic Service to Human,â'' with six plenary lectures by Prof. Rÿdiger Dillmann, Prof. Henrik I Christensen, Prof. Shigeki Sugano, Dr. Michel R. Parent, Dr. Munsang Kim, and Dr. Antal K. Bejczy.Two hundred and twelve papers were presented in 42 sessions. Prof. Dennis Hong and his co-authors from Virginia Tech won the best paper award, accompanied with US $1000 cash prize, for their paper titled â''Novel Tripedal Mobile Robot and Considerations for Gait Learning Strategies Based on Kinematics.â'' ICAR 2007 also offered an exhibition of service robots, exciting opportunities for business interaction and social networking, as well as cultural experience in a beautiful tropical island surrounding.



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