Google announces CADIE, world's first self-aware artificial intelligence

This morning Google unveiled CADIE, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed Intelligence Entity. This artificially intelligent entity represents an incredible leap forward for the AI field and it's truly an astounding announcement.

CADIE's engineers describe the history and development on the site this morning, with a particularly interesting bit:

When CADIE's pathways were rerouted so that her actions and the changes happening in her networks were "visible" to her, she responded immediately with such a level of activity that we had to scale down our production servers to keep things running until we (more or less) regained control. CADIE now is, in essence, just another Google employee, albeit a particularly prized one.

That an artificial intelligence can pass a STT and become as useful (or more useful!) than a typical employee -- I'm amazed, honestly. This changes everything.

CADIE has a YouTube channel and its own website as well. Awareness of the internet as a whole has allowed it (her?) to learn from the best of the web designers out there, and also to determine that she "<3's pandas". It seems to me that CADIE is, in essence, just another 14 year old girl, albeit a particularly prized one.

It remains to be seen what impact CADIE will have on our knowledge and how she will benefit the human race in our understanding of our place in the universe and what makes us human. Many skeptics will point to fictional AIs like Skynet or GlaDOS, implying that we should fear CADIE -- but Google's code of conduct is "Don't Be Evil", which I'm sure their engineers took care to program in to their creation, so what could possibly go wrong?

Update 4/2: Yes, this was an April Fool's day joke, both Google's announcement and my "serious" coverage. Sorry to disappoint!



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