Friday afternoon YouTube robot silliness

Happy Friday, everyone! There's really nothing insightful or informative about this post, other than some robot video amusement for your afternoon.

Our first video is from the group Flight of the Conchords, who have created a song that describes life after the coming robot Armageddon. Personally I'm prepared to welcome my new robot overlords, thanks to my Old Glory Robot Insurance, but it's interesting to see the situation from the robots' side. Be sure to watch through the end for the binary solo.

Our next video is the latest from our friends at Boston Dynamics. After a miserable winter spring has finally taken root here in Boston, even giving us a couple of 90 degree days in the last week. We all have our ways to beat the heat -- and it seems BigDog prefers the beach.

And finally, Festo shows us some neat bio-inspired designs for robots and automation. The two coolest ones are penguin-related. First up are swimming robotic penguins, which are really amazing and definitely appear to move like real penguins. Then they show *flying* penguin robots which, while impressive, is pretty weird (and I question the need for them to be "flapping" as they are). Keep watching after that for some really neat applications of the finray effect as well -- I like the giant lobby finrays.



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