Crabfu's Putter Bot

Another creation of robot maker and animator Crabfu. I'm a big fan of this guy! His robots are not only simple and beautiful -- they have a lot of "personality" as well.

Description from his site:

PutterBot uses 2 standard size servos for the tracks, each with the potentiometer popped out, and servo taped to the top of the servo. This is an easy way to make the servos continuous, and you can adjust the trim with the potentiometer or with the radio. The tank chassis is a kit from Tamiya, and directly driven from the servo horns. The tread mesh is not perfect, but it works ok. One micro servo is used for the putter, and another one used for the head, and mounted in the back of the Putter Bot, driven through wire linkage. The reason using a linkage system, instead of directly mounting the head/light to the servo, is to lower the head for a better center of gravity... and it just looks cuter with the head down low. Radio mixing is used, so that the right stick controls the tank movements, and the left controls the putter and head.



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