Asimo Wishes IEEE a Happy 125th Anniversary

In 2009, the IEEE will celebrate its 125th anniversary.*

Some luminaries are already sending their happy anniversary messages. Watch Gordon Moore, Vint Cerf, and ... Asimo!?

Click on the image to watch the video:


* The official date is 13 May 2009, and the whole history of how the IEEE came about is quite interesting -- if a bit convoluted -- starting in 1884 with the founding of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE), which later merged with the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). Don't ask me why AIEE + IRE = IEEE, for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, but it's clear that there was a clear distinction back then between those who worked with, say, power transformers and those who worked with vacuum tubes -- hence electrical and electronics engineers. For more, check Wikipedia's entry on the IEEE and IEEE's official 125th anniversary site.



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