The robot lover's guide to the holidays

It's that time of year for cookies, lights, trees, gifts, and holiday cheer. What better way to celebrate than with robots?


Last year we had our robot kit gift guide, and this year Spectrum's gift guide includes a few more robots. I've also become more familiar with MAKE Magazine's products this year (I'm currently using the MAKE controller for a project, and it's very easy to use) so I suggest poking around the MAKE robot kits store to see what they've got. And don't forget to wrap these goodies in robot wrapping paper.


Decorate cookies made with these robot cookie cutters or make your own. I think I'd also enjoy gingerbread made in a Wall-E cake pan. (I suppose you could use it for fruitcake, too, if that's the sort of thing that floats your boat)


I love this robot ornament, and of course you can find your favorite sci-fi robots in ornament form, and this robot menorah (found here) is kind of awesome.

What are your suggestions for making robots part of your holiday season?



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