Video Friday: Jubilee

IROS turns 25, and throws a Video Jubliee to celebrate


IROS is 25 years old this year, which I guess means that it's earned a little bit of a vacation by holding itself as this resort in Portugal. As part of the celebrations, roboticists were invited to submit Silver Jubliee videos "illustrating the history and/or milestones in intelligent robotics and/or intelligent systems in the last 25 years." If you couldn't be here at the conference with us, we're bringing you the six finalists for today's Video Friday.

This is of course not the end of our IROS coverage: over the next several weeks, we'll keep posting news and research from the conference. We'll be traveling back home over the weekend, but we should be back in the swing of things by Monday. Or, uh, maybe Tuesday. Meanwhile, here's the Jubliee vids for you to check out:

RoboCup Robot Soccer History 1997 - 2011



10 Years in the Cooperation of Unmanned Aerial Systems



The Power of Prediction: Robots that Read Intentions



Development of Robotic Hands: The UB Hand Evolution



And here are the two winners:

Variable Impedance Actuators: Moving the Robots of Tomorrow




Ultra High-speed Robot Based on 1 kHz Vision System

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