Hamlet iCub and Other Humanoid Robots in Photos

Enjoy these inspiring and funny photos of humanoid robots in different poses and places

Hamlet iCub: To be, or not to be
Photos: VisLab@ISR-Lisboa; DIBRIS/University of Genoa; NASA; CNRS-LAAS; New Jersey Institute of Technology

As part of the IEEE RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots in Birmingham, U.K., last month, the awards committee decided to organize a fun photo contest. Participants submitted 39 photos showing off their humanoids in all kinds of poses and places. I was happy to be one of the judges, along with Sabine Hauert from the University of Bristol and Robohub, and with Giorgio Metta, the conference’s awards chair, overseeing our selection. All photos were posted on Facebook and Twitter, and users were invited to vote on them. Sabine and I then looked at the photos with the most votes and scored them for originality, creativity, photo structure, and tech or fun factor. Here are the winners of the two categories, “Best Humanoid Photo” and “Best Funny Humanoid Photo,” and all the amazing submissions.

The winner for “Best Humanoid Photo” features iCub in a Hamlet-inspired pose. The photo, titled “To be, or not to be,” was submitted by Pedro Vicente from VisLab in Lisbon, Portugal. Congratulations Pedro!

The three finalists for “Best Humanoid Photo,” in no particular order, were:

The winner for “Best Funny Humanoid Photo” was titled “If only I had a self-driving car” and featured a robot called SABIAN sitting in the driver’s seat.  The photo was submitted by Marco Moscato from the Biorobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Congratulations Marco!

The three finalists for “Best Funny Humanoid Photo,” in no particular order, were:

You can see all the other photos below. Congratulations to all the participants, and to Serena Ivaldi from INRIA and the other members of Humanoids awards committee for the organization!

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