New Pleo Robotic Dinosaur Much More Advanced Than Original

pleo robotic dinosaur

Innvo Labs was out in force at CES 2011, and I got some cute pics of their new Pleo Reborn plus 10 minutes with Innvo’s COO Derek Dotson, one of Pleo’s original daddies from back in the Ugobe days:

While it’s a bit disappointing that those adorable pink and blue Pleos won’t be available over here, and that the male and female behaviors that we heard about weren’t implemented, Pleo rb is still much more sophisticated than the original Pleo, especially in terms of software and interactivity.

I’m particularly looking forward to some of those future features that Derek alludes to in our interview, like the wireless connectivity and nose cam access. I mean, if both of those get hooked up, presto, you’ve got a remotely accessible surveillance dino. It’ll be a while yet, but just bombard Innvo with emails, ’cause they’re listening.

Looks like Pleo Reborn is backordered until about April, which is good news for Innvo and the commercial future of Pleo but bad news for you if you want one. They’re $470, and extra food and learning stone kits are $20 each.

More photos:

pleo robotic dinosaur

pleo robotic dinosaur

[ Pleoworld ]



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