Eliza Strickland

New York, N.Y.

Senior Associate Editor

Senior Associate Editor Eliza Strickland joined IEEE Spectrum in March 2011 and was initially assigned the Asia beat. She got down to business several days later when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster began. Strickland shared a Neal Award for news coverage of that accident and wrote the definitive account of the accident’s first 24 hours.

These days she covers the biomedical engineering beat and recently managed Spectrum’s special report “Hacking the Human OS.” That report spawned the new Human OS blog about emerging technologies that are enabling a more precise and personalized kind of medicine. The blog reports on wearable biometric sensors, big-data analytics, and implanted devices that may turn us all into cyborgs. Strickland’s current passion is reporting on neural modulation techniques that researchers are using to tweak people’s movements, moods, and memories.

Strickland has reported on science and technology for 15 years, writing for such publications as DiscoverNautilusSierra, Foreign Policy, and Wired. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Recent Work