AT&T VoIP U-verse Voice Service Mainly Restored

Network-Wide Failure Happened Yesterday Morning

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AT&T VoIP U-verse Voice Service Mainly Restored

The Chicago Tribune is reporting this morning that AT&T's Voice over IP (VoIP) U-Verse service was mainly restored as of this morning, although the company says a "small number" of customers are still out.

The APreported that the service outage, which began about 1030 EDST and was caused by a server crash, was restored to most of the 1.15 million U-verse Voice customers by 1430. AT&T wouldn't say exactly how many customers were affected or are still without service.

U-verse is available to AT&T customers in a 22-state region where AT&T has upgraded its local network to support the provision of TV services. Broadband and TV services were not affected during the outage, the Tribune story says.

U-verse Voice customers said that people trying to call them got a "non-working number" message.

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