Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago are Desperate for Software Engineers, says Job Search Firm

Indeed Prime reports on tech talent deficits across the U.S.; DevOps engineers in highest demand

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Software code on a laptop screen.
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Where are the most software engineering job openings? You might guess Silicon Valley, but you’d be wrong, according to job search site Indeed Prime. Silicon Valley has jobs, indeed, but also plenty of software engineers.

Instead, Indeed Prime reports, the biggest mismatches between software engineering demand and supply are in Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago; the smallest overall deficit is in Houston, Columbus, and Dallas.

The company also reported that the hardest software engineering job to fill is DevOps engineer, followed by mobile engineer, database engineer, mobile developer, software developer, Java developer, general software engineer, software architect UI/UX designer, and front-end developer. Nationally, those in demand DevOps engineers are commanding average salaries of $110,000, and are most in demand in Atlanta, Kansas City, and San Diego. On the other end, front-end developers are being paid an average of $89,000 and are in high demand in Columbus, Boston, and Charlotte.

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