All the Latest, Most Exciting Robotics Research From ICRA 2017

We're at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2017 in Singapore

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ICRA robotics conference in Singapore
Photo: Evan Ackerman/IEEE Spectrum

Every six months, an enormous posse of top robotics researchers from around the world converge on some moderately exotic location to impress each other with their latest research. Right now, we’re at the 2017 edition of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), which is taking place as you read this in Singapore. As always, we’re going to do our best to read every single paper and attend every single technical session, even though there are 11 tracks all happening at the same time along with workshops, forums, and an expo.

You can expect to see posts this week about what’s most novel and interesting from the conference, but (again, as always) there’s way too much cool stuff to cram into just one week: We’ll continue to post ICRA-related content for the next few weeks, even as we get back to our regular robotics news.

Turtlebot 3 Burger mobile robot is powered by ROS, the Robot Operating SystemROBOTIS, Intel, and OSRF will demonstrate the TurtleBot 3 (Burger model pictured) at ICRA 2017 and host a launch party with talks, Q&A, and prizes.Image: ROBOTIS

And if you’re at ICRA, come say hi! I’ll be the harassed-looking dude with a big camera frantically running between sessions. Also, on Tuesday, IEEE is co-hosting the official TurtleBot 3 launch party with Intel and ROBOTIS. It’s across the bay at Baliza nightclub, and you should come: We’ll be talking on stage with TurtleBot celebrities, and there will be prizes and food (register soon, there’s a limited number of tickets!). More info here.

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