ABB Introduces Your Digital Assistant

Create your own digital workspace with ABB Connect and communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues via live sharing.

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S. Himmelstein

In pioneering industrial digitalization technology, and having realized an installed base of more than 70,000 control systems connecting 70 million devices, ABB has developed an extensive catalogue of solutions available to professionals in the electrical sector. The company is the world’s largest builder of electricity grids.

Diving into this sea of products and services might seem a daunting task. How can contractors and OEMs browse and keep track of this wealth of resources in a cost-efficient way? The company now provides a portable digital assistant—ABB Connect—to help navigate the vast range of solutions and services and access up-to-date product specifications.

ABBBrowse, search or scan to find the latest product, service and technical details in one place. Source: ABB

Whether on a mobile phone, tablet or PC, users can browse, search or scan to find the latest products and services available from ABB with the relevant technical information, resources and guides in one place. ABB Connect also enables collaboration with work teams, clients and suppliers, as supporting documents and data sheets can be shared so that product specs can be reviewed and confirmed.

Explore ABB’s low- and medium-voltage electrification offerings with the complimentary app to view the broadest range of offline product information in the industry or connect to access everything in 26 languages. ABB Connect lets you scan any product QR code to download product data, scan and view selected documents offline, and even edit PDFs and generate individual documents.

Create your own digital workspace with ABB Connect and communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues via live sharing. This real-time collaboration feature supports information sharing directly during meetings via emails, saving time in securing feedback. Supporting documents and data sheets can be shared directly from the app so you can check product specifications with project managers and wholesalers. Transmitting links instead of files also ensures that only the latest document version is being viewed. Data transfers are secure, as ABB Connect keeps confidential information within ABB.

Stay connected to the latest news, insights and tools from ABB with your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Download the complimentary ABB Connect App for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

ABB Connect. Your digital assistant…tailored for you!

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