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A Microsoft Handheld?

An Xbox executive addresses rumors of a portable gaming device

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Remember when it seemed like Nintendo owned the mobile gaming space?   Not anymore.  Though the Nintendo DS is still a top-seller, competition is heating up from Apple (via the increasingly popular iPhone apps) and Sony (which will introduce its follow-up to the PSP, the PSPgo, this October).  

Now add Microsoft to the mix.  In a story on Kikizo, Shane Kim of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment and Devices says, "for us, it's a matter of focusing on 'when'" a mobile unit will come out. At the moment, the company is focusing on its Live service, which is building a system through which gamers can seamlessly compete and socialize over a variety of platforms.  Kim also suggest a possible iPhone killer on the horizon. "How do we enter into that market?" he said, "Do we do our own device, do we create our own phone--that's a question for the company itself--do we continue to go down the Windows Mobile path, which is the path that we're on today."

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