Recognize Those Who Inspire Others to Uphold Ethical Principles

The nomination deadline for the IEEE Ethics Award is 31 May

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Do you know someone who has risen above others in demonstrating high standards of ethics and integrity? Or do you belong to an organization that has inspired others to share a vision of extraordinary ethical principles and practices? If so, IEEE wants to honor and celebrate their contributions.

The IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee is now accepting nominations for this year’s IEEE Award for Distinguished Ethical Practices. The annual award recognizes an IEEE member, or an organization employing IEEE members, for exemplary ethical behavior or persuasive advocacy of ethical practices.

Nominators will be asked to explain:

  • What situation was happening (or not happening) that caused the nominee to believe it was unethical?
  • In what ways did the nominee demonstrate ethical leadership, courage, innovation, or honor to make the situation better?
  • What was the overall impact of the nominee’s actions?

The deadline for nominations is 31 May. The recipient will be announced in November.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, and to access the nomination form, visit the EMCC-Award web page or write to

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