Bitterly Short and Filthy Advice on Keeping Nanotech Clean

This month''s editon of IEEE''s Spectrum has a piece entitled ''Nanoparticles without Macroproblems'' and subtitled ''Quick and dirty advice for keeping nanotech clean''.

It gives a fairly thorough catalogue of some of the alarming research in nanoparticle toxicology that has come to light in the last few years, especially from the family Oberdrster.

I am not sure about the advice though. I would guess that it recommends we should be doing more research, looking to establish guidelines, and seeing if the electronics industry can sort it out''they''re apparently good at this sort of thing.

My advice goes beyond just being quick and dirty: it''s bitterly short and filthy.

Instead of focusing on the toxicity of nano-sized particles (we''ve certainly had these little fiends around since we first harnessed fire), let''s focus on the toxicity of the products in which these nanoparticles are incorporated into the material matrix.

Short enough? Well, it's free advice, what do you expect?


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