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  1. Court Orders that Nanomaterials Company Has to Pay Inventors their Royalties

    In a decision last week that should hearten inventors around the world, the British High Courts have upheld Neuftec Limitedâ''s license rights against a claim by Oxonica Energy Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxonica PLCâ''the UK-based nanomaterials company. The case revolved around the Enviroxâ'¢ formulation, which is advertised as â''a fuel borne nanocatalyst for diesel engines which reduces fuel consumption with savings of 5-10% and reduces particulate emissions by up to 15%.â'' According to the news release relating the courtâ''s decision, problems began in October 2006 when Oxonica told Neuftec it had produced an 'alternative' to the patented Enviroxâ'¢ formulation …

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