link to The Future We Deserve 2014 report   The Future We Deserve
We don’t know precisely what the next 50 years will bring. But we have an excellent idea of what will be possible
May 2014

link to Driverless Cars 2014 report   The Self-Driving Car
Originally published April 2014
All the tech tricks and politics that will make driverless cars common place

link to Tech Cars 2014 report   2014 Top Ten Tech Cars
Originally published April 2014
Leave the driving to us: self-driving technology matures

link to Dream Jobs 2014 report   Dream Jobs 2014
Originally published February 2014
There are many paths to an exciting job as an engineer

link to CES 2014 report   CES 2014: Complete Coverage of the Best Emerging Tech
Originally published January 2014
The IEEE Spectrum team on the hottest gadgets and technology trends

link to top tech report   2014 Top Tech to Watch
Originally published January 2014
We predict the technologies that will make headlines this year so you'll never be surprised

link to bitcoin report   The Highs and Hazards of Bitcoin
Originally published November 2013
Bitcoin has gone from being an experiment in anarchy to becoming a billion dollar online currency. Follow its continuing evolution here

link STEM report   The STEM Crisis is a Myth: An Ongoing Discussion
Originally published September 2013
Throughout the month of September, we'll provide continuing coverage and debate

link to becoming bionic report   Becoming Bionic: Engineering Beyond Biology
Originally published August 2013
Transmuting nature to hardware that can repair or strengthen human capabilities

link to food report   The Age of Plenty
Originally published June 2013
Smart technology and better management policies will let us feed the hungry hordes to midcentury and beyond

link to genetic revolution report   The Genetic Revolution
Originally published April 2013
On DNA Day, we celebrate the achievements that are ushering in the era of personalized genetic medicine

link to tech cars report   Top 10 Tech Cars: Slenderized
Originally published March 2013
This year's cars do more with less weight

link to dream jobs report   Dream Jobs 2013
Originally published February 2013
Engineering careers come in all shapes and sizes

link to life in 2030 report   Life in 2030
Originally published February 2013
A one-hour special from IEEE Spectrum Radio and the National Science Foundation

link to tech to watch report   CES 2013: Complete Coverage
Originally published January 2013
At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from 8 to 11 January, more than 3000 companies showcase their latest innovations

link to tech to watch report   2013 Tech to Watch
Originally published January 2013
Our annual technology survey on the coming 12 months

the new medicine   The New Medicine: Hacking Our Biology
Originally published September 2012
These stories explore technological advances in medical inventions to enhance and extend life

fastest on earth   Fastest On Earth
Originally published June 2012
To explore what’s fastest on earth we’ve roamed the globe to check out speedy things on wheels, tracks, legs or wings, and in the water.

last days of cash 2012   The Last Days of Cash
Originally published June 2012
How E-Money Technology is Plugging us into the Digital Economy

top ten tech cars 2012   Top Ten Tech Cars 2012
Originally published April 2012
The internal combustion engine strikes back

dream jobs 2012   Dream Jobs 2012
Originally published February 2012
There's nothing textbook about the careers of the 10 engineers profiled in our annual Dream Jobs roundup

ces 2012 complete coverage   CES 2012: Complete Coverage
Originally published January 2012
IEEE Spectrum senior editor Tekla Perry reports live from Las Vegas

top tech 2012 special report   Top Tech 2012
Originally published January 2012
IEEE Spectrum's prediction of the tech that will make news this year

fukushima special report   Fukushima and the Future of Nuclear Power
Originally published November 2011
What lessons can the world learn from the nuclear accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi?

hacking special report   The Two Faces of Hacking
Originally published July 2011
We took 25 of the biggest and best stories and assessed them along two dimensions: innovation and impact

And a big, complicated clash will determine whether Google or Facebook dominates it   Super Socialize Me: The Social Era Of the Web Starts Now
Originally published June 2011
And a big, complicated clash will determine whether Google or Facebook dominates it

DJobs 2011   Dream Jobs 2011
Originally published February 2011
If the words "true bliss" along with "job market" evoke snorts of derision, you need to meet these 10 odds-defying technologists. Learn how you, too, can become the envy of your peers

ces 2011  

CES 2011
Originally published January 2011

Complete coverage from the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

top 11 technologies thumb  

Top 11 Technologies of the Decade
Originally published December 2010

The most powerful technologies take a while to mature. But when they do, they can rapidly retire mainstays that are decades old

lighting thumb  

The Future of Lighting
Originally published December 2010

As incandescent light bulbs fade from use, LEDs and compact fluorescents vie to replace them

gifts thumb  

Holiday Gifts 2010
Originally published November 2010

Still don't know what to get for the geek who has everything?

telepresence thumb  

Originally published September 2010

Our remote controlled robotic future

antarctica thumb  

Antarctica: Life on the Ice
Originally published July 2010

IEEE Spectrum adventures

water vs energy thumb  

Water vs. Energy
Originally published June 2010

Only radical ideas will prevent the coming clash

engineers of the new millennium thumb  

Engineers of the New Millennium: The Energy Revolution
Originally published May 2010

Plug yourself into our special report on energy

tech cars opener  

Top 10 Tech Cars 2010
Originally published April 2010

For at least a decade, carmakers have been professing their deep and abiding interest in electric-drive vehicles whenever possible. But until recently, it wasn’t always clear which of them were really sincere.

dream jobs opener  

Dream Jobs 2010
Originally published February 2010

The willingness to jump off an obvious career path, make a sudden change in direction, and, sometimes, take advantage of a stroke of luck landed these 10 technologists their dream jobs.

win loser opener  

Winners & Losers VII
Originally published January 2010

Again we cast flowers and stones at a wide selection of well- and poorly conceived technology projects, all due for major milestones in the coming year.

robots report opener  

Engineers of the New Millennium: Robots for Real
Originally published November 2009

In this special report, we meet some of the world’s most creative minds in robotics to find out how their robots will transform our lives—for real.

water challenge  

Global Water Challenge
Originally published September 2009

Water is such a basic human need that it takes real ingenuity to find new ways to control, retrieve, and share this critical resource.

smart grid  

The Smart Grid
Originally published June 2009

Taking the latest in computing and communications technology to make the electrical system more interactive, efficient, and robust is not a new idea.


Why Mars, Why Now?
Originally published June 2009

It’s been 40 years since Apollo astronauts took humanity’s first baby step into the cosmos. Now it’s time to take the next one.


25 Microchips
Originally published May 2009

One day a machine will blink into consciousness, but it’s just wishful thinking to believe that people could escape death by uploading their minds.

tech cars  

Top 10 Tech Cars of 2009
Originally published April 2009

If necessity really is the mother of invention, then surely the auto industry is on the verge of an era of blinding brilliance. Times are that bad.

dream jobs  

Dream Jobs 2009
Originally published February 2009

What does it mean to be an engineer? The answer may surprise you. In this year’s Dream Jobs for Engineers report, we look at 10 technologists who love what they do for a living.

winners losers  

Winners and Losers 2009
Originally published January 2009

Our past experiences with this annual special issue suggest that some of you are going to go to your computers in the next day or two and compose a little message to us.


The R&D Interactive Calculator
Originally published December 2008

We know our readers like to get their hands on the raw data and draw their own conclusions.

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