Special Report: The Social Web

social web special report

Super Socialize Me

The Social Era Of the Web Starts Now
And a big, complicated clash will determine
whether Google or Facebook dominates it
By Glenn Zorpette & John Rennie


business model

The Revolution Will Not Be Monetized

Stratospheric valuations for social media titans assume vast advertising revenue that will never arrive. By Bob Garfield

five technologies

5 Technologies That Will Shape the Web

Innovations that will make the Web smarter and sleeker and irresistibly more social, too. By Elise Ackerman & Erico Guizzo

privacy publicness

Privacy, Publicness, and the Future of the Web: a Manifesto

As Google, Facebook, and other companies exploit our data trails to help us connect and communicate, we the people need to establish some basic rights. By Jeff Jarvis

surveillance society

Protecting Online Privacy

We do care about our privacy online, and we can protect it from surveillance. By Siva Vaidhyanathan

separating on facebook

Separating Work, Friends, and Family on Facebook Isn't Easy

What happens when Facebook's notion of openness runs afoul of the desire for a private life. By Cassandra Willyard


The Making of Diaspora

Armed with Google technologies, four young coders are planting the seeds for the post-Facebook future. By Ariel Bleicher

google facebook cuisine

Rating the Cuisine at Google and Facebook

Where would you rather go for lunch? By Sheila Himmel

under hood at gooface

Under the Hood at Google and Facebook

A peek at the data centers, servers, and software that keep us feeling connected. By David Schneider, with additional reporting by Quentin Hardy

campus life

Campus Life

It’s like the difference between public and private school: Facebook and Google have very different vibes. By Sheila Himmel

mind online

Facebook vs. Google: Game On

FarmVille has led a social-game ascendance that will sway the Facebook-Google struggle and threaten the digital gaming industry. By David Kushner

china social network

What Are You Allowed to Say on China's Social Networks?

Social networking sites, founded on the promise of free expression, have run into political trouble in China. By Sky Canaves

facebook not future

Virtual Reality and Social Networks Will Be a Powerful Combination

Avatars will make social networks seductive. By Jeremy N. Bailenson & Jim Blascovich

how many friends

How Many “Friends” Can You Really Have?

Can social networks expand the evolutionary limit on how many people anyone can truly be close to? By Robin Dunbar

data six billion friends


Six Billion Friends?

Facebook’s growth has been explosive—but not everywhere. By Mark Anderson

social networking crowds out blogging

Social Networking Crowds Out Blogging

Social networking is on the rise everywhere, while blogging lags far behind. By Mark Anderson

data grandma on the map


Facebook and Google Put My Grandmother on the Map

Friended by a Milik, Poland, native, the author reflects on the social Web's long embrace. By Tekla S. Perry


ONLINE Exclusives

google logo

ARTICLE How I Learned to Live Google-free

A quest to quit the most pervasive company on the Web By Joshua J. Romero

ARTICLE Facebook Philosophy: Move Fast and Break Things

Hacker culture is alive and well at Facebook By David Kushner

VIDEO Placing Bets on Google Vs. Facebook

A host of companies have already built new businesses by leveraging Google and Facebook. But which of these two companies holds the keys to the future of innovation? By Tekla S. Perry

ARTICLE Mr. Silicon Valley Goes to Washington

Google and Facebook are trying to make their voices heard
By Sarah Granger

ARTICLE Parlez-vous Facebook?

Harnessing the power of its own social network, Facebook translates itself into 70 languages
By Mark Anderson


The Freedom Box Alternative to Facebook

Lawyers and coders team up to preserve our privacy on social networks

Facebook Versus Google: Now It's a Button War

Like and Send will beat +1. Will they also give Facebook control over our social identity?

Who Owns Your Social Identity?

Friday, 6 May 2011

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Facebook, Twitter, and the Middle East

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Are We Giving Google More Than We Get?

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