IEEE Spectrum Radio Programming

IEEE Spectrum produces four to six hour-long documentaries per year on a wide range of technology subjects. Our specials are made available to public radio stations and other broadcast outlets, and are distributed by the Public Radio Exchange and NPR's Content Depot. In addition to the IEEE, support for our programs comes from the National Science Foundation and the Sloan Foundation via the Public Radio Exchange.

Latest Show—Adapting to Climate Change

No matter what you believe about climate change, we can all agree that extreme weather events—tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, droughts—are occurring more frequently. These massive natural disasters upset lives and devastate property. The costs of cleanup and reconstruction are enormous.

“Adapting to Climate Change” explores the ambitious plans that engineers, scientists, government officials, business leaders, NGOs, and community groups around the world are making to deal with future catastrophic events and shifting weather patterns.

This one-hour special is cohosted by PBS documentarian Rick Karr and IEEE Spectrum’s Susan Hassler, and is part of the “Engineers of the New Millennium” series.

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