WiiHorse? WiiBike? We Like.

Ah, the first swing of Wii tennis - hard to forget that giddy  feeling, eh?  The Wii motion sensing remote ushered in a new era for gaming, opening up the market for wannabe players who long considered themselves all thumbs. Now with word of Microsoft's motion-sensing Project Natal camera grabbing headlines, Nintendo seems to be on a new kick - wacky peripherals.

Lots of rumors this week about patents and slides that show both an inflatable beanbag style Wii controller (for horseback riding games) and a cycling/pedaling controller too.  These would join the Wii balance board (already powering hits like Wii Fit), the Wii wheel (for racing), and the Wii Light Gun (Resident Evil) – and of course all that Rock Band gear too.

So this begs the question – how much plastic can we have cluttering our living rooms?   To me, there’s a limit, and this is a boon for Project Natal, which does away with peripherals entirely.  Then again, there’s something nice and solid about a lifelike controller, something you can put your hands – or feet – on.   Nintendo should focus less on the gimmicky add-ons and more on the cool games that can exploit the existing hardware. 

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