Jackie Martling: Joke Man


PHOTO: Janine Martel

Jackie Martling has made a career out of telling jokes, most of them off-color, notably on ”The Howard Stern Show” and now on ”Jackie’s Joke Hunt,” on Sirius Satellite Radio 101. But he’s a closet geek, with a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan State University, and he’s learned the hard way that engineers make the toughest audience. His worst show ever was at a technical college in Philadelphia in 1981, where he’d wowed the crowd the year before. This time, though, people complained that he told the same jokes both years. ”Of course I did,” he remembers. ”I still tell a lot of the same jokes every night. But no one remembers them. Except those engineers that night at the tech college.” For a sampling of his humor, go to http://www.jokeland.com.

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