Bob Saget: Mac Nut

PHOTO: Robert Sebree

Although comedian Bob Saget came off as squeaky-clean on his television show ”Full House,” his turns in the 2005 cult film The Aristocrats and on his HBO special showed him swearing like a sailor. What few know, however, is that he also swears by his computer.

”I'm a big Mac freak,” he says (if truth be told, he used a coarser word than freak). ”I've been using them since the Mac Plus and Mac SE--you know, the ones that look like diving helmets. I do everything on a Mac. I'm the tech support for my daughters--we're a Mac ­family--and my friends are always calling me to fix their computers. All the ”Full House” guys were Mac boys early on--Dave Coulier, John Stamos, and I would even do videoconferencing.” The jury's still out on whether he gets a little peace on the set of the TV game show ”1 vs. 100”: ”The folks who work there are split down the middle between Macs and PCs.”

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