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Seiko Epson Shows Off Its Dual-Arm Robot

Often equipped with two arms, strange hands, and even stranger-looking heads, a new breed of jack-of-all-trades industrial robot could change the face of automation. And the place to see the latest examples of these dual-arm manufacturing machines was the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Tokyo earlier this month.

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Interview: iRobot CTO Paolo Pirjanian Talks Present and Future of Robotics

When iRobot acquired Evolution Robotics (the company behind the Mint cleaning bot) just over a year ago, Evolution CEO Paolo Pirjanian was brought on as iRobot's new CTO. Basically, this means that Paolo's job is to come up with cool new stuff for robots to do, and cool new ways for them to do it.

We got a chance to ask Paolo a few questions at RoboBusiness last month, and we sat down with him and Matthew Lloyd (iRobot's director of communications) to talk about the future of robotics and where he sees iRobot going from here.

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Highlights From the International Robot Exhibition 2013

The theme for this year's International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Tokyo was "Making a Future with Robot." We're not exactly sure what that means, but we're definitely in favor of it, and here are some of the coolest things that we saw.

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Video Friday: Everything That Happened For the Last Two Weeks, and More

We had a fantastic time at IROS; hopefully you kept up with all of the latest research news, and if not, here's a link to everything we've written so far, and there's still more to come. And as for IREX (the International Robot Exhibition, a trade show taking place at the same venue), we've got a video compilation and a gallery of pics coming to you next week.


Being in Japan for two weeks and focusing on just the conference and trade show, it was a teeny tiny bit inevitable that we'd fall just slightly behind on our typical robot video coverage. Juuust slightly. And so, we're going to make up for that today, with this much more massive than normal Video Friday. So hold on to your browsers: this thing has 23 videos.

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IROS 2013: UAVs Get a Grip With Full-Size Robot Arms

As amazing as flying robots are, there's a limited amount of useful stuff that they can do today. Oh, they're great for surveillance and inspection, there's potential to use them to deliver stuff, and in some specialized circumstances we've seen them cooperatively building structures. But to really be useful in the way that we've come to expect from robots, they're going to need to be able to move a variety of objects at will, picking them up and putting them down whenever and wherever they need to. We saw some of the first examples of this at IROS, giving a whole new meaning to the term “mobile manipulator.”

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Explain the Uncanny Valley in Less Than 1 Minute. Go!

The Uncanny Valley is a topic of much fascination not only in robotics, where it originated, but also in other scientific circles as well as in popular culture. Roboticists often allude to it, and so do computer scientists, psychologists, artists, and media theorists. In 2008, it was mentioned in the TV series "30 Rock." More recently, the Uncanny Valley was used to explain why several animation movies failed, and an Atlantic article referred to it to describe Mitt Romney. The term has also been used to name everything from a literary magazine to a painting of a baboon embracing Nicolas Cage. Some even suggest that the Uncanny Valley has become a meme. But just what is the Uncanny Valley?

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Should I Attend a Conference Via a Telepresence Robot?

When I told the organizers of the FutureMed conference that I couldn't fly to San Diego, Calif., to attend their meeting early this month, I expected that to be the end of the conversation. Instead they came back with an unusual proposition: Since I couldn't be there in the flesh, would I care to attend via robot? 

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IROS 2013: Robots That Pay Attention To You

Having a robot obey your commands is hard. Having a group of robots obey your commands is really, really hard. The good news is roboticists are making good progress in solving this problem. Research presented at IROS early this month shows how we may be getting to the point where teams of robots can pay attention to what we’re saying, where we’re looking, and what we’re doing, leading to a much more natural way to control them.

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Video Friday: IROS 2013 Special Edition

Over the past two weeks, we brought you several stories from the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). And next week we should still have some more IROS posts. But today is Friday, and we know what you want: you want robot videos. So sit back and enjoy this IROS 2013 special edition of Video Friday.

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