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Here's What DARPA Wants to See From Their Crowdsourced UAV

DARPA is just getting lazier and lazier. Instead of coming up with new pieces of hardware by themselves, they keep on sponsoring these competitions where everyone else (like you) can come up with good ideas. Crowd-sourced UAVs, anyone?

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What Is a Household Robot?

In this guest post, Greg Shirakyan, a member of the Microsoft Robotics group, discusses why household robots, something that everyone seems to want, are nowhere to be found―and what's needed to be done to get them into our homes.

8-year-old interacts with Microsoft robot
The author's 8-year-old interacting with Microsoft's Roborazzi, a mobile robot photographer.

What Is a Household Robot?

When presented with this question, most people don’t ask for clarification. They intuitively know what the question means―even children do. And then, after naming one or two examples that invariably include a robot tidying up a house one way or another, people often stumble.

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New Next-Gen Nao Is Now the New Nao

We haven't even managed to save up for one of the original Naos, and now Aldebaran Robotics has come out with an entirely new, entirely more awesome version. Sigh. Yay.

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Who's Behind This Chainsaw-Wielding Killer Robot?

UPDATED December 16, 2011 8:02 a.m.: Mystery solved. See note at the end of the post.

miyakki laboratories hubot chainsaw humanoid robot at botex

Dayne Barton from TokyoTek reached out to ask if we know who's behind this strange series of videos that are beginning to surface. The videos show people walking around a Tokyo trade show called Bot Expo when all of a sudden a humanoid robot holding a chainsaw goes nuts and attacks the crowd. Watch:

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We Robot Conference on Robot Legality Scheduled for 2012

The first ever We Robot conference (on legal and policy issues relating to robotics) has been scheduled for April of next year. We spend a lot of time talking about the technical aspects of robotics around here, and a conference about legal and policy stuff may sound a little bit ho-hum. But, it's actually a Really Big Deal. 

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RoboBrrd Highlight Reel: RoboBrrdalicious

We're big fans of RobotGrrl around here, and one of her current projects is these totally cool, totally DIY-able interactive robotic birds called RoboBrrds. If you've always wanted to throw yourself bodily into the world of Arduino-powered DIY robotics, this is a great way to go.

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Fun Robot Stuff: Roomba Revenge and My Robot Nation

What with the holidays coming up faster than a reindeer being chased by a menorah, we've got a couple fun little robot gifts that are so cheap you might as well just buy them for yourself.

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