Slideshow: Robots Gone Wild


Photo: The Biorobotics Lab at Case Western Reserve University

Not what you think.

This Spectrum slideshow is about how "creatures from across the animal kingdom offer design principles to make robots more useful, engaging, and lifelike."

It includes German mechatronic jellyfish, Stanford's gecko-inspired StickyBot, the EPFL robootic salamander, Northwestern University's RoboLobster, the poop-free robotic chicks by Sega Toys, and Puppy, the 12-DOF pneumatically-actuated beast you see above, a mechanical greyhound developed at Case Western Reserve University.

PS: Read also Spectrum's April cover, "March of the SandBots," by Daniel Goldman, of Georgia Tech, and Haldun Komsuoglu and Daniel Koditschek, of the University of Pennsylvania.


PHOTO: Yvonne Boyd

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