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Robots, robots, photos, photos!

The Boston Globe has put together a massive robot photo extravaganza -- check it out here. It includes 32 photos of myriad robots of recent past and present, including the HAL exoskeleton, the Da Vinci surgical robot, Toyota's partner bots, our beloved Big Dog, coffee-making humanoid Justin, Harvest Automation's plant movers, and one of our all-time favorites, the orange inventory-carrying machines created by Kiva Systems.

Meanwhile, National Geographic prepared its own slideshow -- inspired, I believe by WALL-E's well deserved Oscar for best animated feature film. Titled "Six Real-Life WALL-Es That Could Save the Earth," it includes pollution-monitoring bots that look like balloons, robots for inspecting wind turbines and underground tanks, a solar-powered lawn mower, and the Amazon-monitoring robot Chico, about which we wrote here a while ago.

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